Raghbir (Raji) Singh – Chairman

Raji is the chair of We Care Community Trust. Raji is passionate about amateur sports, supporting youth, family violence and supporting the elderly members of our community.
Raji is very active in the local community. He is a Justice of the Peace and a licensed marriage celebrant. Raji is the current chair and founder of the Akal Foundation. He has also held the roles of chair of the St George Charitable Trust, chair of the NZI Cultural Society, and chair of the Papatoetoe Licencing Trust (a role he held for six years).
In addition to his community work, Raji has been successful in business. He managed Mommas Foods for 12 years before electing to devote more time to his community work.

James Parker Joyce – Director

Parker has been involved in the hospitality industry for fifty years including hotels, on and off premise businesses. Parker has also been involved in a number of gaming machine societies as a manager and director over the past thirty years.
Parker has been involved in the administration of a number of sporting clubs, and retains interest in a number of sports. Parker is now semi-retired and enjoys fishing at his seaside residence on the Coromandel.

Kirnpreet Kaur - Director

Kiran Kaur brings youth and vibrancy to the We Care Community Trust board. Kiran is very community minded, being active in several community groups throughout Auckland. She has a keen interest in the arts, health care issues, and youth development.
Kiran holds a degree in Oral Health Sciences. In addition to volunteering her time with several charities, she works at an Ellerslie-based dental practice.

Parker Joyce - 22A Whites Way Ellerslie Auckland

Parker has spent over forty years in the hospitality industry, operating licensed premises and hotels.
Parker has over twenty years’ involvement in the gaming industry. He is currently involved in the governance and management of two successful gaming societies. He is a director of Four Winds Foundation. He also manages the Mount Wellington Foundation. Prior to these roles, he directed and managed five small South Auckland-based gaming trusts.
Parker has been involved with a number of clubs in an administrative capacity including rugby, athletics and swimming clubs.


We Care Community Trust will commence trading with one Gisborne-based site, the Mo’s Sports Bar & Grill, 63-65 Peel Street, Gisborne. The venue’s weekly bankings average $28,500.00. Once licensed, the Trust will apply for a second venue licence for a second venue with similar weekly bankings.
Raji is well known in the local Auckland community and is confident of being able to acquire additional venues in the future, due to his strong personal relationships.

Authorised Purpose

We Care Community Trust wishes to make a difference by providing high quality funding to local amateur sporting groups, including a number of minority sports such as kabaddi that are not currently well supported by the existing gaming societies. While sport is important, the Trust will also dedicate a large amount of its funding to supporting youth, supporting the elderly members of the local community, assisting with public health initiatives, and providing funding support for community cultural and arts festivals.

The Trust’s authorised purpose statement is as follows:

We Care Community Trust Limited may make grants for any charitable purpose and any non-commercial purpose that is beneficial to the whole or a section of the community. Priority funding will be given to amateur sport, supporting youth, supporting the elderly members of our community, public health, and non-profit community cultural and arts festivals.

The above authorised purpose includes (but is not limited to) providing grants for:

  1. The promotion of health via participation in amateur sport, including cricket and kabaddi;
  2. Amateur teams’ training costs;
  3. Amateur players’ reasonable and necessary travel expenses, including accommodation and insurance costs associated with the travel;
  4. Developing the character of young people;
  5. Welfare assistance for people in need, e.g., assistance with funeral expenses, hospitalisation, convalescence, health aids, and the like;
  6. Hospital visits for the elderly;
  7. Public health services including education and counselling services;
  8. Wages and salaries where the employing body has an entirely non-commercial community or charitable purpose and provided that the payment is necessary to achieve the authorised purpose;
  9. The promotion, planning, organising and running of non-profit events that celebrate or involve different cultures, such as community cultural and arts festivals including cultural music festivals;
  10. Relieving poverty through access to advice, support and assistance for recent immigrants to New Zealand, including, without limitation:
  11. Counselling services;
  12. Health information;
  13. Mediation for family conflicts;
  14. Visitation;
  15. Creating social networks; and
  16. Providing assistance and support for other family members who provide care for such persons.
  17. Celebrating religious services in public;
  18. Providing or maintaining grounds and buildings to be used by churches, temples or other religious organisations; and
  19. Provision for other not-for-profit organisations that promote community cultural education and cohesion.